List of sailors who completed a solo circumnavigation

Welcome to my list of sailors who sailed around the world singlehanded. Please check the about page for more info about sources and method. In the same page, you will find data description (metadata).
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127.06.18981160JoshuaSlocumUSASpray36Boston, MassachusettsStarted on 24.04.1895189511E-W4 1st American ,1st Westbound, via Strait of MagellanWood 36'9"X14'2"SloopWestwardFirst American to sail around the world aloneVia Strait of Magellan1
231.10.19251443HarryPidgeonUSAIslander34Los Angeles, via Panama. Started on 18.11.21 1st via Panama, second circumnavigation in 1937Wood 34'X10'9"YawlWestward/PanamaFirst around via Panama Canal2
321.07.19292237AlainGerbaultFranceFirecrest39Through Panama 1st French, via PanamaWood 39'X8'6"CutterWestward/PanamaFirst Frenchman to sail around the world alone3
417.06.1932EdwardMilesUSASturdy37Westabout. Through Panama and Suez. From and to NY.1st Westabout. His boat broke near port Tewfik, so he went home to build the Sturdy II, a bit smaller (36.9) and shipped it to port Said. 1st Eastbound, via SuezWood 37'X10'/36'9"X10'1"SchoonersEastward/Panama, SuezFirst man to sail Eastward via both canals4
515.06.1937HarryPidgeonUSAIslander34New London, ConnecticutSome reports that he started in fact in 1934, 1st circum. twice, both westboundWood 34'X10'9"YawlWestward/PanamaFirst man to sail around the world single-handed twice2
630.05.1938646LouisBernicotFranceAnahita41CarantecStarted on 22.08.36 via Strait of MagellanWood 41'X11'9"CutterWestwardFirst to follow Slocum's trackVia the Strait of Megellan5
708.08.1943VitoDumasArgentinaLegh1131Buenos AiresDeparture 27.06.1942. 1st Argentinean,1st via Cape Horn, EastboundWood 33'X11'KetchEastward HornFirst to circumnavigate via the Horn6
817.05.1952WilliamMurnanUSASeven Seas II30MiamiUnclear if all the way alone, or parts with wife. Unclear if started in California and finished in Florida. via Panama9
907.07.1952Jacques-Yvesle TourmelinFranceKurun33CroisicDeparture 19.09.1949, via Panama8
1018.08.1952AlfredPetersenUSAStronoway (Colin Archer cutter)33New YorkDeparture June 1948, 1st using both canalsWood 33'X11'CutterWestward/Panama, SuezFirst Eastward via both canals7
111957JeanGauUSA/FranceAtom (Tahiti ketch by John Hanna)30New YorkDeparture 28.05.1947. Arrival 10.1957, via Panama, second circumnavigation in 1967Wood 30'X9'10"KetchWestward/Panama10
1225.07.1958MarcelBardiauxFranceLes Quartre Vents31Havre-ParisWestabout 1st via Cape Horn WestboundWood 30'8"X8'10"SloopWestward hornFirst Westward via The Horn11
131959JohnGuzzwellUKTrekka21Victoria, BC, 1st EnglishWood 20'6"X6'6"YawlWestward/PanamaFirst British Circumnavigator12
141960PatrickMooreDrifterI can't find any info on this one, except references to Knox list1959713
151961JosephHavkinsIsraelLamerhak II23Not much info. A first hand comment by a rescuer in an online forum states that he was lost at sea in 1960 or 61 near Truk, Philippines. Hence not finishing.,, 1st Israeli, over land - Mexico, IsraelWood 23'X7'YawlWestwardFirst Israeli. First without using canalsCrossed Israel and Mexico by land14
161962AdrianHayterNew ZealandSheila II32EnglandHe did it in two parts, first from england to NZ W to E through Suez. Then from England to NZ E to W through Panama in another boat "Valkyr" 23ft.,, E-W1st part GB to NZ via Suez, 2nd part GB to NZ via PanamaWood 32'X8'6"YawlEastward/Suez(See second circumnavigation)15
171964PeterTangveldNorwayDorothes (Harrison Butler)32Lost at sea in 1991
181965BillNanceAustraliaCardinal Vertue25BrixhamAlso known as William E., 1st Australian, via Cape Horn17
1910.06.1966JeanGauUSA/FranceAtom (Tahiti ketch by John Hanna)30New York196222E-W 2nd circumnavigate twice, both westboundWood 30'X9'10"KetchWestward/Panama10
201966MichelMermodSwitzerlandGeneva26LimaVia Panama
211966PierreAuboirouxFranceNeo-Vent27, via PanamaWood 27'X7'6"SloopWestward/Suez, Panama19
2228.05.1967226FrancisChichesterUKGipsy Moth IV53PlymouthOne stop in Sydney, 274 days including this stop., 1st with one stop only , 1st circumnavigation for speed, 5 capesWood 53'1"X10'6"YawlEastward HornFirst to make only one stop20
231967FrankCasperUSAElsie (Colin Archer-type)30Wrecked his boat and drowned in 1980., via Panama21
2407.05.1968WilfriedEerdmannGermanyKathena23, 1st GermanWood 25'X7'7"SloopWestward/ PanamaFirst German Circumnavigator25
2504.07.1968354AlecRoseUKLively Lady36PourtsmouthStop in Australia and NZ, via Cape HornWood 36'X9'3"YawlEastward Horn22
261968RustyWebbUKFlyd29Died aboard his boat during a second circumnavigation in 1972 29'3"X9'6"SloopWestward/ Panama24
271968JohannTraunerAustriaLei Lei Lassen (Folk boat)25Yachting, Volume 12119661423E-W 1st Austrian, via Panama23
2815.01.1969AlanEddyUSAApogee (Seawind)30Hampton via PanamaLength: 24'Allied Seawind KetchWest to East Panama Canal / Cape Horn / Cape of Good Hope1st GRP Boat to circumnavigate26
2905.04.1969801LeonidTeligaPolandOpty (Tu?czyk class)CasablancaThrough Panama. During his travel, he repeatidly called at the same ports as Sowden. Finish date and day count is when he crossed his track. 1st Polish, via Panama, longest sailing - 165 days from Fijito DakarWood 32'4"X9'4"YawlWestward/ PanamaFirst Polish circumnavigator29
30yes22.04.1969312RobinKnox-JohnstonUKSuhaili32Golden Globe1st non stop. From Falsmouth.19681733W-E 2nd nonstop solo circumnavigation eastbound, winner of first solo nonstop round the world race,5 capes. Notice: There is some controversy about who was first – Montessier or Knox-Johnston. This listing is based on the official sailing records historian for Guinness Book of Records - DH Clarke. See his book An Evolution of Singlehaders, page 114 or Guinness Book of Records.Wood 32'5"X11'1"KetchEastward HornFirst non-stop circumnavigation31
31yes22.04.1969NigelTetleyUKVictress40Golden GlobeWas part of Golden Globe, crossed his track the same days as Knox finished the race, but later sank before reaching the finish line.196834W-E 1st multihull (trimaran) to solo circumnavigatePlywood 40'X22'Ketch-trimaranEastward HornFirst multi-hull solo circumnavigation30
3210.05.1969RogerPlissonFranceFrancois-Virginie25Brest, via PanamaWood 24'X7'SloopWestward/ Panama32
33yes21.06.1969BernardMoitessierFranceJoshua42Golden GlobeFrom Plymouth. Dep. 23.08.1968. Abandonned the race and kept sailing on to Tahiti, completing 1 2/3 circumavigation.19682132W-E 1st nonstop solo circumnavigation eastbound, 5 capesSteel 39'6"X12'KetchEastward HornFirst non-stop circumnavigation28
341969WalterKoenigGermanyZarathusta27HamburgIn a converted lifeboat. It seems he finished the voyage with his wife from Sicily to Hamburg., file:///C:/Users/flavien/Downloads/FF2014-1-shaw_pp190-197.pdf19641928E-W via Panama33
351969AlfredKalliesGermanyPru25 via PanamaWood 27'X7'11"SloopWestward/ Panama27
3608.09.1970John M.SowdenUSATarmin25,, 24'7X7'8"SloopWestward/ Panama34
371970RobinLee GrahamUSADove24California->Hawai21 yo on completion. Not quite full circum, and not fully alone. Changed boat dring the trip "Return of Dove", 33ft. PanamaFiberglass 24'X7'6"/33'X9'SloopWestward/ PanamaYoungest Circumnavigator First fiberglass boat36
381970JonSandersAustraliaMostly sailing through tropics. Westabout. Little info.Unknown35
391971TomBlackwellUKIslander58Some sources state he did it twice during this time 58'6"X12'8"KetchWestward/ PanamaLargest yacht to circumnavigate via Panama singlehanded38
40yes1971292ChayBlythUKBritish Steel56New record. 2nd non stop19702238E-W1st nonstop solo circumnavigation westbound (wrong way) 292 days, via Cape Horn, 292 daysSteel 56'X12'10"KetchWestward HornFirst Westward Circumnavigation37
411972351JörgenMeyerGermanyPaloma (Fähnrich 34)34CuxhavenLost at sea 1975 during a non stop attempt., Cape HornFiberglass 34'X10''SloopWestward/ PanamaFirst around in less than a year (347 days)39
4223.05.1973BillKingUKGalway Blazer II42He tried the Golden Globe in 1968 with the same boat, but broke mast and had to stop in South Afrika19702342W-E1st Irish, via Cape HornPlywood 42'X10'5"SchoonerWestward/ PanamaFirst Irishman to sail alone around the world40
4324.06.1973272KrystofBaranowskyPolandPolonez45Plymouth Cape Horn, Hobart to Horn in 45 daysWood 45'3"X12'5"KetchEastward HornHobart to Horn in 45 days44
441973WolfgangHausnerAustriaTaboo (Catamaran)32He lost the boat in Papuesia, not clear to me if he finished the circumnavigation before., Panama, CatPlywood 32'X15'Sloop-catamaranWestward/ Panama46
451973GoranCederstromSwedenTua Tua27Not sure about the source, can't read swedish. He seems to have written a book also. Swedish, via PanamFiberglass 27'4"X8'3"SloopWestward/ PanamaFirst Swedish circumnavigator43
461973DimaGrinupsSwedenSandra II (Vega)27Unsure if finished the trip. There is info about an accident in 1973 that left him in a wheelchair., Panama41
471973EdwardAllcardUKSea Wanderer36England 26'X11'KetchWestward Horn42
4928.03.1974169AlainColasFranceManureva (Trimaran)64Saint-MaloRecord. One stop. Lost at sea 1978.19732950W-EVia Cape Horn, trimaran 168 daysAluminum 70'X35'Ketch-trimaranEastward HornFastest single handed multi-hull circumnavigation47
5007.12.1974402AmbrogioFogarItalySurprise39Castiglione della PescaiaWestbound, Italian, via Cape HornWood 38'8"X9'3"SloopWestward Horn48
51yes1974270KenichiHorieJapanMermaid III29 Japanese, via Cape HornWood 28'10"X9'3"SloopWestward Horn49
521974YohAokiJapanAhodori II21First name as Hiroshi somtimes Cape HornPlywood 20'9"X6'8"YawlEastward HornSmallest yacht51
531974RyusukeUshijimaJapanGingitsune31Boat name maybe Thanatos? Cape HornWood 31'X9'10"KetchEastward Horn50
541975JulesGarnetFranceMemory46No info excpet on other list197052E-Wvia Panama54
551975HeinrichHenzeGermanyLeda II25Very little info. Through Panama.19743153E-Wvia Panama52
561975342RichardKonkolskiCzechNike IStarted with OSTAR and kept sailing Czechoslovakian, first of 3 circumnavigation55
571975JohnStruchinskiUKBonaventure de Lys25 Panama53
5801.10.1976202WebbChilesUSAEgregious37Only 2 stops circumnavigation62
5912.1976EdwardBodenUSAKittywake25Charlotte Amalie PanamaWood25.4'X7.25'SloopWestward/Panama/S.AfricaClick for Details56
611976HermanJansenNetherlandsSounion Dutch57
621976TomBlackwellUKIslander58Little info found197358E-W3rd circumnavigate twice, both westbound38
631976KlausAlvermanGermanyPlumbelly26BequiaSome reports about him doing 2 circum in total., Panama59
641976JulioVilarSpainMistral23Via Panama Spanish, via Panama58
651976UtzMuller-TreuGermanyFrauken39 Panama61
6617.07.1977787BarryLoecklerUSAFreedom36NewportThrough Panama Panama64
6704.12.1977AnnGashAustraliaIlimo26It seems she shipped the boat on a cargo for a part. Panama,63
681977John M.SowdenUSATarmin25Twice westbound. Little info.197465E-W4th circumnavigate twice, both westbound, same boat34
691977670GedaliahShtirmerIsraelNew Penny25SouthamptonMaybe first name is Gadaliah (Page 13)19754067W-Evia Cape Horn66
701977DonaldRidlerUKErik the Red26Was wrecked in Cape Verde on its way back, so maybe did not coplete the whole trip. Panama65
71yes1977229MarcelBardiauxFranceInox49PortugalI can't find the exact finish date, he started in 1976 and lasted 11 months. The boat was constructed between 66 and 68. Appently he did four solo circumnavigation in total., , ,,
7221.03.1978KrystynaChojnowska-LiekiewiczPolandMazurek31Las PalmasThrough Panama. 1st woman. woman to solo circumnavigate, westboundLength: 31' Beam: 8.86'SloopWest to EastClick for Details70
7320.05.1978GeorgesLagarrigueFranceMikeno (Dufour 31)31NiceTrhough Panama. Ran aground in 1977 in Fidji, repaired and sailed on.,,
7408.06.1978272NaomiJamesNZExpress Crusader53DartmouthBoat lended by Blyth. First woman by Horn. woman to solo circumnavigate via Cape Horn eastboundFiberglass 53'X13'SloopEastward Horn72
7520.12.1978201GeorgeGeorgievCorCaroli29HavanaThrough Panama. Number of days at sea. Dep 20.12.1976., Bulgarian, monohul record 201 days68
761978BrigitteOudryFranceGea (Chassiron)34, French woman, via Cape Horn67
771978LesliePowlesUKSolitaire (Bruce Roberts)34LymingtonBoat full name is Solitaire of Hamble but is not used often. Westabout. 1981 second circumnavigation, first both direction71
7828.04.1979260Keesden HartoogNetherlandsSentijn39Ijmuiden Cape Horn73
7906.12.1979417StanBluntUSARuPiPaKi 26OaklandNumber of days at sea Panama74
80yes20.05.1980344HenrykJaskulaPolandDar Przemy?la47Gdynia3rd Non stop Polish nonstop, no assistance, via Cape Horn77
8106.06.1980DeanVincentUSAEos39San DiegoBoat self built, ferrociment. Arrival date also stated August 1980 in some sources. PanamaLength: 39' Beam: 12' Displacement: 28,000 lb Draft: 5'5" Rigging: KetchFerro CementWest to EastMajor Path of Voyage: San Diego, Mexico, south Pacific, Australia, South Africa, Granda, Panama, San DiegoDean built EOS from scratch and is as proud of this accomplishment as from his circumnavigation. He says the ferro cement finish looked like fiberglass not the sidewalk! His circumnavigation took almost 3 years. After returning to San Diego he sold EOS then built a 49' cutter named EOS II. Sailed her from San Diego west through the Pacific and ended up in the Phillipines after sailing around Asia. He now builds 50' - 60' CATS.76
821980TomBlackwellUKIslander58Little info foundUnknown77E-W2 1/2 circumnavigation in the same boat38
831980ZbigniewPuchalski PolandMiranda38Started with the OSTAR, then kept sailing. Through Panama. Panama80
841980225DavidCowperUKOcean Bound (Sparkman & Stevens, or Huisman?)411st to sail solo in both directions. Later did it again, and through the northern route, but on motor boat., Cape Horn, in 1982 1st twice both directions75
85yes1980163HorstTimmreckGermanyBrigitte31Cape TownStopped at Horn Cape Horn - first to stop at Cape Horn, 163 days78
861980RichardSweatUSAMy Honey30No info expect other lists19795183E-Wvia Panama79
87yes1981329LesliePowlesUKSolitaire (Bruce Roberts)34Lymington Cape Horn, nonstop, previously westbound circumnavigation, 1st both directions71
881981JanSwerzBelgiumPeti41Started (or finished?) with another boat (Tahani 30ft). No info except on other lists.Unknown85E-W1st Belgian, via Cape horn82
891981HaraldKölzerGermanyRosi II22Little info, file:///C:/Users/flavien/Downloads/SPRAY_1981_no_2_a.pdfUnknown86E-Wvia Panama81
901.1982PatrickChildressUSAJuggernaut (Catalina 27)27 Panama83
91yes24.05.1982286PleunVan Der LugtNetherlandsZeeuwse Stromen35Zierikzee, 286 days85
92yes1982JonSandersAustraliaPerie Banou342 continuous rounding of the Antartica =? Circumnavigation198188W-Evia Cape Horn, 1st complete 2 non-stop circumnavigations, high latitudes, later done three non-stop35
931982237DavidCowperUKOcean Bound (Sparkman & Stevens, or Huisman?)41Westabout twice W-E and E-W via Cape Horn75
941982PaulRogersUKSpirit of Pentax56Little info on this. He tried the BOC later in 1982, but abandonned.Unknown91W-Evia Cape Horn, 1 1/4 around nonstop, try for 2 rounds84
9509.05.1983159PhilippeJeantotFranceCredit Agricole56Boc BOC 1982/8392
9609.05.1983YvesGelinasFrance-CanadaJean-du-Sud (Alberg 30)30Gaspé Length: 30' Beam: 8'9" Displacement: 9000lbsSloopWest to East Major Path of Voyage : Southern Ocean/all the capes96
9710.05.1983170BertieReedSouth AfricaVoortrekker49Boc South African, During BOC 1982/8386
9816.05.1983209FrancisStokesUSAMooneshine39Boc BOC 1982/8388
9917.05.1983207YukohTadaJapanKoden Okera V44Boc19826299W-E0During BOC 1982/8395
1001983199MarkSchraderResourceful (Valiant)40Not in KnoxJohnson American to circumnavigate via 5 Southern Capes90
1011983202NevilleGossenAustraliaLeda Pier I57Boc BOC 1982/8391
1021983213RichardKonkolskiCzechNike III44Boc BOC 1982/83, only competitor to cross antipodes, 2nd solo circumnavigation55
1031983192RichardBroadheadUKPerseverance of Medina53BocRescued de Roux BOC 1982/8393
1041983221GuyBernadinFranceRatso II38BocLost at sea, 2017 BOC 1982/8389
1051983228DanByrneUSAFantasy (Valiant 40)40Boc198264101W-E0During BOC 1982/8387
1061983264RichardMcBrideNZCity of Dunedin42Boc198265102W-E01st New Zealander, During BOC 1982/8394
10724.06.1984AndrewUrbanczykUSANord IV (Ericson 30)30West to East Panama97
108yes06.06.1985271WilfriedEerdmannGermanyKathena Nui34Kiel198425
1091985NikolayDzambasouBulgariaTangra36Las Palmas to las palmasNo info expect other lists198366W-E with one stop only98
1101985421WilfredErdmannDEKathena25Différence entre wiki et KnoxJohnson
111yes1985236PeterFreemanNZLaivi?a32Victoria, British ColumbiaRecord,
112yes11.04.1986150DodgeMorganUSAAmerican Promise60Record Cape Horn, fastest nonstop antipodal solo circumnavigation 150 days, 1st American non-stop, 5 southernmost capesFiberglass60'X16'5"X9'5"Sloop CutterBermuda to Bermuda, eastabout via the five southernmost capesFirst American to sail non-stop, setting 13 recordsClick for Details102
11326.05.1986JamesBaldwinUSAAtom (Pearson Triton)28, PanamaFiberglassLOA 28'8' beam4.5' draft8,000lbs dispPearson TritonBulit 1960East to WestClick for Details104
11424.06.1986AlanButlerCanadaAmon-Re (Catamaran)26Westabout, Panama, smallest multihull solo circumnavigation26'2"CatamaranEast to West / Cape Horn /Panama CanalLeft from Victoria, BC101
11510.07.1986HenryPigottUKGlory19Poole QuayThrough Panama. Apparently did some legs two-handed.,%20%20Sir%20Henry%20Pigott.pdf1983107E-Wvia Panama103
1161986John M.SowdenUSATarmin251st to do three circum in the same boatUnknown1051st in third circumnavigation in the same boat34
11708.05.1987134PhilippeJeantotFranceCredit Agricole III60Boc Cape Horn during BOC92
11816.05.19871071SergeTestaAustraliaAcrohc Australis12Record of smallest boat. Not in Knox. Panama. Panama, smallest boat to circumnavigate117
11919.06.1987TeddySeymourUSALove Song35St. CroixFirst Black. Started February 24, 1986.'EricsonWest to East1st black (African-American) man to sail around the world solo.Click for Details119
12006.11.1987TaniaAebiUSAVaruna (Contessa 26)26New-York New-York through PanamaNot in Knox. She sailed 80 miles with a friend, which disqualified her from the guiness book, as well as crossing panama, which requires assistance Panama118
1211987147JohnMartinSouth AfricaTuna Marine60Boc198672109W-E0via Cape Horn during BOC113
1221987137TitouanLamazouFranceEcureuil Aquitaine60Boc198670110W-E0via Cape Horn during BOC120
1231987146GuyBernadinFranceBiscuit Lu59Boc1986112W-E0via Cape Horn during BOC89
1241987156IanKiernanAustraliaTriple M60Boc198673113W-E0via Cape Horn during BOC108
1251987163BertieReedSouth AfricaStabilo Boss58Boc1986114W-E0via Cape Horn during BOC86
1261987146Jean-YvesTerlainFranceUAP - Pour Médecins Sans Frontiéres60Boc Cape Horn during BOC111
1271987164DavidWhiteUSALegend SecuritiesBocVery little info found198676116W-E0via Cape Horn during BOC105
1281987161Jean-LucVan den HeedeFranceLet's Go45Boc198675117W-E0via Cape Horn during BOC110
1291987157MikePlantUSAAirco Distributor50BocCategory winner. Lost at sea 1992198674118W-E0via Cape Horn during BOC115
1301987168HarryHarkimoFinlandBelmont Finland (Swan)51Boc198677119W-E01st Finish, via Cape Horn during BOC107
1311987171HalRothUSAAmerican Flag (Santa Cruz 50)50Boc198678120W-E0via Cape Horn during BOC106
1321987175PenttiSalmiFinlandColt by Rettig37BocFeet different from KnoxJohnson (36) Cape Horn during BOC116
1331987175MarkSchraderUSALone Star (Valiant 47)47Boc198679122W-E0via Cape Horn during BOC90
1341987172RichardKonkolskiCzechDeclarationBoc1986123W-E0via Cape Horn during BOC, only one via all 5 southernmost capes55
1351987189JohnHughesCanadaJoseph Young41BocFirst to willingly round the horn under jury rig Canadian, via Cape Horn during BOC112
1361987JamesHatfieldUKBritish Heart II24PenzanceFinished with another boat "British Heart III" 29ft. Unsure about size of first boat., Strait of Magellan109
1371987JuliaHazelAustraliaJeshan28Self build boat Panama114
138yes13.06.1988164DonchoPapazovBulgariaTivia36Buenos Aires, non-stop from Buenos Aires, 164 days121
1391988129PhilippeMonnetFranceKriter77Not in Knox. Was trying a non-stop, but had to stop twice. Record., Cape Horn, fastest solo circumnavigation 129 d 19 h 17m124
140yes1988189KayCotteeAustraliaBlackmores First Lady371st lady non stop First non-stop circumnavigation by a woman, 189 days123
141yes1988657JonSandersAustraliaParry Endeavour473 continuous circumnavigations continuous circumnavigations one westbound, two eastbound, 657 days35
1421988JohnRoachUSAWindswept33No info except on other listsUnknown135E-Wvia Panama (2 1/2 circumnavigation in same boat)122
1431989125Olivierde KersausonFranceUn autre regard75Record. Premier multicoque?. Two stops.198884126
1441989158Henkde VeldeNetherlandsAlisun J&B (Catamaran)60Planned for non-stop. Needed repairs in Bluff, NZAlso198886125
145yes15.03.1990109TitouanLamazouFranceEcureuil d'Aquitaine II60VGVainqueur.Dep 26.11.1989.1989136W-EVendee Globe120
146yes16.03.1990110LoickPeyronFranceLada Poch60VG 198985137W-EVendee Globe131
147yes18.03.1990112Jean-LucVan den Heede3615 MET60VG1989138W-EVendee Globe110
148yes19.03.1990113PhilippeJeantotFranceCrédit Agricole IV60VG198923:47139W-EVendee Globe92
149yes20.03.1990114PierreFollenfantFranceTBS-Charente Maritime60VGDates fausses chez KnoxJohnson198987140W-EVendee Globe132
150yes07.04.1990132AlainGautierFranceGenerali Concorde60VGDates fausses chez KnoxJohnson. Nom de bateau aussi198988141W-EVendee Globe127
15110.04.1990135MikePlantDuracell60VGEliminated from the race because ran agroud and needed hep to get out.1989115
152yes08.05.1990163Jean-FrancoisCosteFranceCacharel (Pen Duick III)57VGDates fausses chez KnoxJohnson!preferred/1/package/949/pub/950/page/15198989142W-EVendee Globe130
15309.07.1990338GudrunCalligaroGermanyMädchen (Dufour Arpège)30Brest, Panama129
1541990David B.ClarkUSAMentionned in link, little info, date unsureUnknown128
1551991KeithSedwickToucan (Ohlson 38)38No info except on other lists Panama143
156yes1991241HafsteinnJohannsonIcelandElding62English channel - English ChannelKnox states the boat was 57ft Via all 5 Capes136
1571991120ChristopheAuguinFranceGroupe Sceta60BocWinner199092145W-EVia Cape Horn during 3rd BOC133
1581991122AlainGautierFranceGenerali Concorde60Boc1990146W-EVia Cape Horn during 3rd BOC127
1591991129PhilippeJeantotFranceCredit Agricole IV60Globe challenge1990147W-EVia Cape Horn during 3rd BOC92
1601991132MikePlantDuracell60BocNot in KnoxJohnson1990148W-EVia Cape Horn during 3rd BOC115
1611991135KangaBirtlesAustraliaJarkan Yacht Builders60BocMissing reference to Boc in Knox Cape Horn during 3rd BOC142
1621991136DaveAdamsAustraliaInnkeeper<60Boc199095150W-EVia Cape Horn during 3rd BOC134
1631991139IsabelleAutissierFranceEcureuil Poitou Charantes60Boc199096151W-EVia Cape Horn during 3rd BOC137
1641991140BertieReedSouth AfricaGrinaker60BocRescued Martin1990152W-Evia Cape Horn during 3rd BOC86
1651991140José LuisUgarteSpainBBV Expo '9260Boc Cape Horn during 3rd BOC141
1661991165NandorFaHungaryAlba Regia60Boc Hungarian, via Cape Horn during 3rd BOC145
1671991141YvesDupasquierFranceServant IV50BocClass winner Cape Horn during 3rd BOC148
1681991153DonMacIntyreAustraliaButtercup50Boc Cape Horn during 3rd BOC135
1691991157JoshHallUKNew Spirit of Ipswich50Boc1990101157W-Evia Cape Horn during 3rd BOC140
1701991158JackBoyeUSAProject City Kids (Martin 50)50BocFot he boat, assuming it's the same:, Cape Horn during 3rd BOC139
1711991211HalRothSebago50BocSame boat as American Flag, but renamed1990159W-Evia Cape Horn during 3rd BOC106
1721991180PaulThackaberryUSAVolcano50BocAlso spelled Thackleberry in some sources Cape Horn during 3rd BOC146
1731991181RobinDavieUKGlobal Exposure40BocSome sources saying the boat was called Spirit of Cornwall, Cape Horn during 3rd BOC147
1741991197MinouruSaitoJapanShuten Dohji50BocUncertain about the boat. Is there one, two or three boats? Also the man is reported to have completed 8 solo circumnav. I can find details only about these 5. Cape Horn during 3rd BOC144
1751991IstvanKoparUSASalammbo31OneStop. Boat selfmade. Boatname false in Knox. ~11months199090163W-ENovia 5 Capes, 1 stop Fremantle138
17610.06.1992674William RogerPinkney USACommitment47Typo in name in Knox. Sometimes wrongly stated as being the first black. Also nicknamed Bill. 5 capes47'CutterEast-West All 5 Capes4th of 5 Americans to round 5 capes150
177yes1992KyokoImakireJapanKairen35Little info.,
178yes12.03.1993110AlainGautierFranceBagages Superior60VGVainqueur.1992166W-Eduring Vendee Globe127
17913.03.1993AnthonyStewardSouth AfricaNCS Challenger19Cape TownBoat without cabin. Through Panama.
180yes18.03.1993116Jean-LucVan den HeedeGroupe Sofap-Helvim60VG1992167W-Eduring Vendee Globe110
181yes19.03.1993117PhilippePouponFranceFleury-Michon X60VGFinishes under jury rig1992107168W-Eduring Vendee Globe154
182yes27.03.1993125YvesParlierFranceCacolac d'Aquitaine60VGKnox states he took part in 1996, but he di not in fact finish1992108169W-Eduring Vendee Globe155
183yes30.03.1993128NandorFaHungaryK&H Banque Matav60VG1992170W-Eduring Vendee Globe145
184yes05.04.1993134José LuisUgarteSpainEuskadi Europ 93 BBK60VG1992171W-Eduring Vendee Globe141
185yes24.04.1993153Jean-YvesHasselinFrancePRB/Solo Nantes60VG!preferred/1/package/949/pub/950/page/151992109172W-Eduring Vendee Globe153
18617.05.1993176BernardGallayFrance/SuisseVuarnet Watches60VGRtd from VG (for repairs) but completed voyage. Arrived 17 May 1993.
187yes1994161MikeGoldingUKTeam Group 467Westabout. Knox states the boat is 67ft. If it is the same as the one used later in the VG, it must be 60.1993111173E-Wrecord Fastest wrong way157
188yes1994176KojiroShiraishiJapanSpirit of Yukoh50Not in Knox
18927.04.1995121ChristopheAuguinFranceSceta-Calberson60BocWinner1994175E-Wvia Cape Horn during 4th BOC133
19030.04.1995128StevePettengillUSAHunters Child60Boc Cape Horn during 4th BOC165
19101.05.1995133DavidScullyUSACoyote60BocKnox states the boat is 50ft. Cape Horn during 4th BOC160
19201.05.1995129Jean-LucVan den HeedeVendee EnterprisesBoc1994178E-Wvia Cape Horn during 4th BOC110
19302.05.1995133JJProvoyeurSouth AfricaNovell South Africa60Boc Cape Horn during 4th BOC162
19402.05.1995131DaveAdamsAustraliaTrue Blue<50Boc1994180E-Wvia Cape Horn during 4th BOC134
19503.05.1995134GiovanniSoldiniItalyKodak50Boc Cape Horn during 4th BOC161
19612.05.1995181AlanNebauerAustraliaNewcastle Australia50BocRescued J.Hall. Cape Horn during 4th BOC158
19712.05.1995200ArnetTaylorUSAThursday's Child60Boc Cape Horn during 4th BOC159
19813.05.1995166NiahVaughanUKJimroda II50BocTypo in name in Knox. Boat was Airco Distributor1994117184E-Wvia Cape Horn during 4th BOC164
19916.05.1995197RobinDavieUKCornwall (Hurley Tailwind)40Boc Cape Horn during 4th BOC147
20026.05.1995223MinouruSaitoJapanShuten Dohji II55Boc1994186E-Wvia Cape Horn during 4th BOC144
201yes29.06.1995285LisaClaytonUKSpirit of Birmingham38 285d 0h 26m163
20206.07.1996LesliePowlesUKSolitaire (Bruce Roberts)34Lymington
203yes08.07.1996247SamanthaBrewsterUKHeath Insured67WestaboutFirst woman non-stop westabout woman the wrong way169
20427.07.1996EvgenyGvozdevRussiaLena18Makhachkala Died aboard his boat in 2008 during a 3rd intent. Was subsequently found on a beach near Napoli.
20528.09.1996264BrianCaldwellUSAMai Miti Vava'u (Contessa 26)2620 yo at arrival., stops, 20 years old, 264 days at sea166
206yes11.1996265DavidDicksAustraliaSeaflight (S&S 34)3417 yo at departure nonstop, 18 years167
207yes1996119Henkde VeldeNetherlandsC1000 (multi)711996125
208yes17.02.1997105ChristopheAuguinFranceGeodis60VGWinner. Same boat as Sceta-Calberson, different name.1996191W-Eduring Vendee Globe133
209yes25.02.1997113MarcThiercelinFranceCrédit immobilier de France60VG Vendee Globe173
210yes26.02.1997114HerveLaurentFranceGroupe LG-Traitmat60VG Vendee Globe172
211yes28.02.1997116EricDumontFranceCafé Legal-Le Goût60VG Vendee Globe171
212yes10.03.1997126PeteGossUKAqua Corum60VGRescued Raphaël Dinelli (So technically made a stop at Hobbart to drop him before continuing the race), Vendee Globe175
213yes24.03.1997140CatherineChabaudFranceWhirlpool-Europe 260VGTypo in name in Knox. First woman to finish VG. Vendee Globe170
2141997PatHenryUSASouthern Cross31Acapulco-Acapulco?Slow, selling paintings at harbours to earn money.,'Sloop CutterEast-WestClick for Details174
21516.08.1998744KarenThorndikeUSAAmelia36Days estimation from wikipedia page, 5 capes31'SloopEast-WestAll 5 CapesFirst Americam woman to sail solo around the worldClick to visit her Web Site176
2161998728NorbertSedacekAustriaOase II26Grado, ITNot in Knox,
217yes18.02.1999AmyrKlinkBrazilParatii50South GeorgiaCircum antartica rather than world-circum. Thanks to Felipe who pointed this sailor to me.
21811.05.1999138MichaelGarsideUKMagellan Alpha50Boc, Cape Horn during Around Alone184
21913.05.1999132Jean-PierreMouligneFranceCray Valley50Boc Cape Horn during Around Alone182
22018.05.1999168ViktorYazykovRussiaWind of Change40Boc,, Russian, via Cape Horn during Around Alone187
22123.05.1999150BradVan LiewUSABalance Bar50Boc Cape Horn during Around Alone178
22224.05.1999195NealPetersenSouth Africa in name in Knox. Self designed and built boat. Cape Horn during Around Alone185
22428.05.1999216NeilHunterAustraliaPaladin II40Boc Cape Horn during Around Alone186
22511.08.1999190AzharMansorMalaysiaJalur Gemilang50Awana Porto MalaiSize of boat measured from sat images here: 6°22'08.5N 99°40'59.4E, 6h 57m2s188
2261999116GiovanniSoldiniItalyFila60BocRescued I.Autissier.1998198E-Wvia Cape Horn during Around Alone161
2271999130MarcThiercelinFranceSomewhere60Boc Cape Horn during Around Alone173
2281999203MinouruSaitoJapanShuten Dohji II55Boc1998205E-Wvia Cape Horn during Around Alone144
229yes1999328JesseMartinAustraliaLionheart (Sparkman & Stephens)34Melbourne18yo at arrival non stop solo, 327d 12h 52m183
2301999FedorKonyukhovRussiaModern University of Humanities60Dsq from BOC? Still claims to have finished it on his webpage.
2311999EdwardHartUSAHooligan (Cascade 29)29San Diego/Honolulu?Through Panama. Finished in spring 1999.,
23230.08.2000332KrystofBaranowskyPolandLady B54VillamouraWestabout, through Panama, Panama, second solo circumnavigationWood 45'3"X12'5"KetchWestwardHis second trip Click for Details44
233yes2000151PhilippeMonnetFranceUunet60WestaboutRecord1999211E-WRecord wrong way 151d 19h 54m124
234yes2000234VinnyLauwersAustraliaVision Quest48Melbourne1st paraplegic sailor189
2352000EduardoRejduchUruguayCharrúa26BarcelonaItinerary and details unclear.
236yes10.02.200193MichelDesjoyeauxFrancePRB60VGWinner2000138214W-Eduring Vendee Globe194
237yes11.02.200194EllenMacArthurUKKingfisher60VG2000139215W-Eduring Vendee Globe192
238yes13.02.200196RolandJourdainFranceSill Matines La potagère60VG2000140216W-Eduring Vendee Globe198
239yes19.02.2001102MarcThiercelinFranceActive wear60VG2000217W-Eduring Vendee Globe173
240yes22.02.2001105DominiqueWavreSuisseUnion bancaire privée60VG2000141218W-Eduring Vendee Globe191
241yes22.02.2001105ThomasCovilleFranceSodebo60VG2000142219W-Eduring Vendee Globe200
242yes27.02.2001110MikeGoldingUKTeam Group 460VG2000220W-Eduring Vendee Globe157
243yes28.02.2001111BernardGallayFrance/SuisseVoila.fr60VG2000221W-Eduring Vendee Globe152
244yes28.02.2001111JoshHallUKGartmore60VG2000222W-Eduring Vendee Globe140
245yes04.03.2001115JoeSeetenFranceNord-pas-de-Calais/chocolats du Monde60VG2000143223W-Eduring Vendee Globe193
246yes05.03.2001116PatriceCarpentierFranceVM Matériaux50VGThis edition of VG allowed 50ft boats Vendee Globe196
247yes10.03.2001121SimoneBianchettiItalyAquarelle.com60VGKnox states also the 94 Boc, but it seems he did not finish Vendee Globe199
248yes15.03.2001126YvesParlierFranceAquitaine Innovations60VGFinishes under jury rig2000155
249yes24.03.2001135DidierMunduteguyFranceDDP/60e Sud50VGThis edition of VG allowed 50ft boats Vendee Globe190
250yes14.04.2001181TonyMowbrayAustraliaSolo Globe Challenger (Cole)43,
251yes16.04.2001158Pasqualede GregorioItalyWind Telecommunicazioni60VG2000147227W-Eduring Vendee Globe195
25212.07.2001David B.ClarkUSAMollie Millar, then Mickey41Boat sank, finished with another boat (Mickey 34ft). solo circumnavigator 77 years oldMetalLOA 44'SloopEast to WestOldest Single handed CircumnavigatorClick for Details128
253yes23.07.2001343WilfriedEerdmannGermanyKathena Nui34Cuxhavenwestabout200025
25429.12.2001RobertCaseUSASuntrekka (Endurance 37)37San DiegoAmputee of one leg, Panama37'1979 Endurance pilothouse ketchSailed from SanDiego, CA west to east. Returned to San Diego via the Panama CanalDisabled Sailor - amputee - lost lower left leg while serving with the Marine Corp.197
255yes2001343WilfredErdmannKathena Nui34?East to westUnknown100
256yes200193NorbertSedacekAustriaOase III54CapetownNot in Knox. Around the Antartica, did not cross equator.,
25718.05.2002GenuinoMadrugaPortugalHemingway (Bavaria)36Horta,
25811.2002RonLlewellynAustraliaSula (Roberts)36He tried again in 2006, dismasted at Horn.'s 36 CutterCutterWestwardClick for Details207
2592002PatrickKainesUSAEagle Dancer31Very little info found, nearly always from Knox list.1999150229E-WLOA 31' Beam 1,4mHull 230kg Keel 120kgBuilt 1999, in GRPSloopEast to West206
2602002340EdwinArnoldUSANomad (Goderich, aluminium)35SitkaTwo sops. Country unsure. From Sitka to Sitka, two stops onlylength 35.5 ft. Beam 11.5 ft.Disp. 20,000 lbs Age 13 yrs. AluminumCustom, Ted Brewer DesignWest to EastMajor Path of Voyage: Sitka AK, Cape Horn, Cape Town, Adelaide, Aus. Sitka Royal Cape YC 11 Feb - 5 Mar 2002The intended non-stop circumnavigation was interrupted after I collided with an iceberg on 9 Jan 2002 at 50 deg. 36 min S x 40 deg 46 min W. Damage to the roller furling and pulpit was repaired in Cape Town. There was no hull damage. I stopped at Adelaide to replace a faulty radar. Presently lives in Eagle, CO where he and his wife Mary have mountains rather than the ocean for their views.204
261yes2002189Andre Homemde MelloBrasilDéjà vu (Island Packet)35,
2622002DouglasThomsonUKTomcat of Kip37ScotlandNo info except occ list1999203
263yes23.03.2003177TonyGoochCanadaTaonui44VictoriaLeft with 210 cans of beers,, 1 pair 24,362 miles in 177 days, 137miles daily (5.708 knots), 0.98 ?LWL, 64 years old216
26417.05.2003BrechinMorganUSAOtter (Pacific Seacraft Orion)27Rhode Island canals210
26510.07.2003EvgenyGvozdevRussiaSaid12MakhachkalaWas forced by Chilian authorities to ship his boat and himself aboard a cargo between Puerto Natales and Puerto Montt (about 650nm in straight line), LOA 3,6m Beam 10'4" Draft 5'8"East to WestClick for Details168
2662003115BernardStammSuisseBobst Group Armor Lux60Boc2002153236E-W1st Swiss, via Cape Horn during Around Alone209
2672003118ThierryDuboisFranceSolidaires60Boc Cape Horn during Around Alone214
2682003159SimoneBianchettiItalyTiscali60Boc2002238E-Wvia Cape Horn during Around Alone199
2692003131EmmaRichardsUKPindar60Boc2002155239E-Wvia Cape Horn during Around Alone213
2702003159BruceSchwabUSAOcean Planet60Boc Cape Horn during Around Alone211
2712003148BradVan LiewUSATommy Hilfiger50BocCategory winner2002241E-Wvia Cape Horn during Around Alone178
2722003169TimKentUSAEverest Horizontal50Boc2002157242E-Wvia Cape Horn during Around Alone215
2732003180KojiroShiraishiJapanSpirit of Yukoh40Boc2002158243E-Wvia Cape Horn during Around Alone156
2742003202AlanParisBermudaBTC Velocity40Boc Bermudian, via Cape Horn during Around Alone208
2752003245DerekHatfieldCanadaSpirit of Canada40BocKnox states he did it also in boc 2005, apparently not true2002160245E-Wvia Cape Horn during Around Alone212
276yes09.03.2004122Jean-LucVan den HeedeAdrien (Vaton 84)84Westabout, record, the wrong way, 122d 14h 3m 49s, over 29 days from Monnet 2000AluminiumLOA 25.7mBeam 5.4mMonohullEast to WestClick for Details110
2776.2004KennethHellewellUSATopaz (C&C 38)38Through Panama, Panama1975 FRPLOA 37.5'Beam 12.3'Disp 14,000lbsC&C 38East to WestCape of Good Hope-Panama CanalPublished cruising guide of Tongawww.cruisetonga.comor visit Thank you,219
27808.08.2004UweRottgeringGermanyFan Fan40Hooksiel, 3.45mDisp 8,500KGOne off SloopWest to EastClick for Details220
279yes200472FrancisJoyonFranceIdec (trimaran)75Record, first non-stop with multihull ? 72 days 20 hours217
280yes2004168JanMollerDanemark3M innovation40Copenhagen
2812004Henkde VeldeNetherlandsCampina57Some parts through the North route, unclear exactly which?2001125
282yes02.02.200587VincentRiouFrancePRB 360VGDid not finish the VG 2008-9 because broke the mast after rescuing Le Cam, was classed 3rd anywa. Vendee Globe229
283yes02.02.200587JeanLe CamFranceBonduelle60VG7 hours after Riou200417:20165247W-Eduring Vendee Globe231
284yes03.02.200588MikeGoldingUKEcover60VG2004248W-Eduring Vendee Globe157
285yes07.02.200592DominiqueWavreSuisseTemenos60VG2004249W-Eduring Vendee Globe191
286yes08.02.200593SebastienJosseFranceVMI60VG2004166250W-Eduring Vendee Globe224
287yes13.02.200598Jean-PierreDickFranceVirbac-Paprec60VG2004167251W-Eduring Vendee Globe222
288yes19.02.2005104ConradHumpherys,UKHellomoto60VGHad to droop anchor for repairs on rudder Vendee Globe230
289yes19.02.2005104JoeSeetenFranceArcelor-Dunkerque60VG2004253W-Eduring Vendee Globe193
290yes24.02.2005109BruceSchwabUSAOcean Planet60VG2004254W-Eduring Vendee Globe211
291yes03.03.2005116BenoitParnaudeauFranceMax Havelaar / Best Western60VG Vendee Globe225
292yes06.03.2005119AnneLiardetFranceRoxy60VG Vendee Globe227
293yes12.03.2005125RaphaëlDinelliFranceAkena Verandas60VGWas saved by Goss during VG 1996
294yes13.03.2005126KarenLieboviciFranceBenefic60VG Vendee Globe228
295yes15.04.2005205MarkSlatsNetherlandsCornelia (Alan Buchanan)46Scheveningen,
2966.2005FredricD.RoeUSAOceana44No info except other lists. Unsure about country.2001Steel44ftBeam 10.5ftDisp 15 ton70 yrs oldKetchWestwardHonolulu, Phuket, Durban, Panama, Honolulu221
297yes200571EllenMacArthurUKB&Q/Castorama (Trimaran)75Record days192
298yes2005233MinouruSaitoJapanShuten Dohji II50Japan-Japan2004259E-WNonstop unassisted, 7th solo circumnavigation 234 days, oldest 71 years144
2992005FedorKonyukhovRussiaALYE PARUSA85FalmouthSolid info hard to find
30104.05.2007159RobinKnox-JohnstonUKSaga Insurance60Boc200631
302yes2007185AlainMaignanFranceShouten (Sun Rise 34)34Record for under 40ft. Attempted westabout in 2017, failed near Brazil.,
3032007293DonnaLangeUSAInspired Insanity (Southern Cross)28Bristol RI' Southern Cross Fiber GlassSloopWest to East / Cape Horn / Cape of Good HopeOnly 3 stops233
3042007158 UnaiBasurkoSpainPakea Bizkaia60Boc,
3052007GrahamDaltonNZA Southern Man-AGD50Abandonned the Boc, but finished solo nontheless
306yes2007179KenGourlayAustraliaSpirit Silver Edition42Mersey Bluff in Bass Strait—Modest-Champion-Solo-Sailor/-45714?source=google,
3072007103BernardStammSuisseCheminées Poujoulat60Boc2006209
3082007118KojiroShiraishiJapanSpirit of Yukoh60Boc2006156
30922.03.2008RobertGrafCanadaDrifter Way49VancouverAlso did the northwest passage solo in 2015,18.67 Disp Beam 14'4" Fiberglass and lead ballast"Spray" Ketch riggedWestward/Cape of Good Hope/Panama CanalLevel I Cir.Click for Details239
310yes200857FrancisJoyonFranceIdec (trimaran)98BrestRecord
3112008JeanneSocratesNereidaMexicoLost the boat 60 miles before reaching the end, did reach it later
31208.01.2009198JoannaPajkowskaPolandMantra ASIA (Mantra 28)28Panama to PanamaShe did not cross the strait of Panama, starting at the west end and finishing at the east end, so not a « full » circumnavigaton2008240
314yes06.02.200989Armelle Cléac’hFranceBrit Air60VG200809:39179249
317yes15.02.200998BrianThompsonUKBahrain Team Pindar60VG200820:29182250
319yes22.02.2009105ArnaudBoissieresFranceAkena Vérandas60VG200802:33184246
320yes26.02.2009109SteveWhiteUKToe In The Water60VGIs preparing for a westabout record trial on a VOR 70
321yes10.03.2009121RichWilsonUSAGreat American III60VG200800:41186245
322yes14.03.2009125RaphaëlDinelliFranceFondation Océan Vital60VG200802:32226
323yes15.03.2009126NorbertSedacekAustriaNauticsport Kapsch60VG200805:31187177
32417.04.2009TamioMeguroJapanDharma28Chiba, JP,,
32506.06.2009GenuinoMadrugaPortugalHemingway (Bavaria)36PicoThrough Horn2007205
3266.2009MichelKleinjansBelgiumRoaring Forty40Global Ocean RaceWinner (and only finisher)
32716.07.2009ZacSunderlandUSAIntrepid (Islander)36LA17yo on arrival2008294
32827.08.2009281MichaelPerhamUKtotallymoney.com50Portsmouth17yo on arrival, 1 pairVia Panama, New record for youngest solo sailor, 17 y 164 days, 281 days circumnavigation, 157 days of sailing, 191.08 m/d, 7,96 knots aver.,241
329yes200959ThomasCovilleFranceMaxi trimaran Sodebo102Record tentative
330yes2010210JessicaWatsonAustraliaElla's Pink Lady (S&S 34)34Sydney16yo on arrival
3312010157DilipDondeIndiaMhadei (Van de Stadt ‘Tonga’)56MumbaiSame boat as the one used later by Tomy.
332yes2010268AlessandroDi BenedettoItaly, FranceFindomestic Banca (Classe mini 6.5)21Same route as VG
3332011224DerekHatfieldCanadaActive House (Eco 60)60Boc,
3342011222BradVan LiewUSALe Pingouin (Eco 60)60BocWinner. The nb of days is the total number of days, including stops. For some other editions of the Boc, only the days at sea was taken into account.201012:23178
3352011223ChrisStanmore-MajorUKSpartan (Eco 60)60Boc,
3362011223ZbigniewGutkowskiPolandOperon Racing (Eco 60)60Boc,
3372011PaddyMacklinUKTessa27FalmouthNo engine, 1 stop2009192254
338yes201161ThomasCovilleFranceSodebo102Record tentative2011200
3392011Henkde VeldeNetherlandsJuniper52Unsure if solo, unsure if around the world2007125
34020111080MinouruSaitoJapan?Shuten Dohji IIReverse2008144
34112.01.2012UkuRandmaaEstoniaTemptation III43Cape Verde
34221.01.2012518LauraDekkerNetherlandsGuppy40Sint Maarten16yo on arrival,
34304.07.2012HenkOosterwijkNetherlandsSogno d'Oro26DrimmelenApprox finish date.
34401.08.2012JeanneSocratesNereida (Najad 380)38Many details on her webpage, but a bit difficult to put together. Big variation between sources. If I understood well, she managed to do 4 circumnavigation in total. 2 non stop.
34527.11.2012KirkLittleUSASalsa (Alberg 30)30Cartagena, Colombia
346yes2012246StéphaneNarvaezFranceOïkos45WestaboutNot in Knox
347yes2012260ChristianLiebergreenDanemarkJonna (Sagitta 35)35SkagenBroke the mast on its way back in the english channel. Did however cross his track before so round the world technically finished.,
349yes27.01.201378Armelle Cléac’hFranceBanque populaire60VG201205:33249
350yes28.01.201380AlexThompsonUKHugo Boss60VG201219:23198266
351yes03.02.201386Jean-PierreDickFranceVirbac-Paprec 360VG201203:03222
352yes05.02.201388JeanLe CamFranceSynerCiel60VG2012231
35305.02.201388BernardStammSuisseCheminées Poujoulat60VGDsq, but did finish anyway, with stops and fuel resupply2012209
356yes08.02.201391ArnaudBoissieresFranceAkena Vérandas60VG201202:09246
357yes10.02.201392Bertrandde BrocFranceVotre Nom autour du Monde60VG201217:10199265
358yes15.02.201398Tanguyde LamotteFranceInitiatives-Cœur60VG201221:56200268
359yes21.02.2013104AlessandroDi BenedettoItaly, FranceTeam Plastique60VG201202:34251
360yes04.04.2013137GuoChuanChinaQing Dao40QingdaoLost at sea, 2016. Not in Knox.,,,
361yes07.04.2013151AbhilashTomyIndiaMhadei (Van de Stadt)56Mumbai,
36208.05.2013210GerryHughesUKQuest III (Beneteau)42Troon, ScotlandFirst deaf
363yes2013JeanneSocratesNereida (Najad 380)382012238
36405.12.2014IzabelPimentelBrasilDon (Romanée)34Sète,,
36504.03.2016SzymonKuczynskiPolandAtlantic Puffin (Maxus 22)22CanariesNot in Knox
36605.05.2016152JoeHarrisUSAGryphon Solo 240NewportDays at sea, not total
367yes201649ThomasCovilleFranceSodebo Ultim101Record. Size might be 110.2016200
3682016DonnaLangeUSAInspired Insanity (Southern Cross)28Bristol RIStopped at Panama canal for repairs, intended non-stop
369yes19.01.201774Armelle Cléac’hFranceBanque Populaire VIII60VG201603:35249
370yes22.01.201774AlexThompsonUKHugo Boss60VG201619:35266
371yes26.01.201778JeremieBeyouFranceMaître Coq60VG201606:38203275
373yes28.01.201780YannEliesFranceQuéguiner - Leucémie Espoir60VG201603:11204273
374yes28.01.201780JeanLe CamFranceFinistère Mer Vent60VG201604:41231
375yes04.02.201787LouisBurtonFranceBureau Vallée60VG201621:45205281
376yes10.02.201793NandorFaHungarySpirit of Hungary60VG201622:52145
377yes13.02.201799EricBellionFranceComme un seul homme60VG201604:56207274
378yes19.02.2017102ArnaudBoissieresFranceLa Mie câline60VG201620:24246
380yes22.02.2017105AlanRouraSwitzerlandLa Fabrique60VG201620:10209279
381yes24.02.2017107RichWilsonUSAGreat American IV60VG201600:48245
382yes25.02.2017108DidacCostaSpainOne planet One ocean60VG201619:50210278
383yes26.02.2017109RomainAttansioFranceFamille Mary - Étamine du Lys60VG201622:04211282
384yes27.02.2017110ConradColemanNZ100 % Natural Energy60VG201601:58212272
385yes05.03.2017116PieterHeeremaNetherlandsNo Way Back60VG201609:24213276
38717.05.2017652VasilKurtevBulgariaOdessosVarna80yo on arrival,
38825.07.2017LisaBlairAustraliaFunnel-Web50Albany, AusCircum antartica rather than world-circum.
3892017JonSandersAustraliaPerie Banou II39During the trip he took part in two short races, for which a crew assisted him. Not in KnoxJohnson201635
39002.04.2018526EndaO'CoineenIrelandKilcullen Voyager - Team Ireland60Was part of the VG, dismasted near NZ, made it back to port. Found out another boat from the VG (Ruyant's) was in the same port also damaged. Arranged with Ruyant to bring back his boat alone.,
391yes17.05.2018270SzymonKuczynskiPolandAtlantic Puffin (Maxus 22)22Plymouth,;
392yes30.06.2018271JeromeRandUSAMighty Sparrow (Westsail 32)32Gloucester, Massachusetts
393yes23.01.2019263IstvanKoparUSAPuffin (Tradewind 35 Cutter)35GGR, ,
394yes07.03.2019223Pierre-AndréHugloFranceFresh Herring (Contessa 32)32Longue Route 2018-19Ouistreham
395yes10.03.2019252UkuRandmaaEstoniaOne and All (Rustler 36)36GGRThe race commitee gave him a 72 hours penalty for receiving unallowed radio routing, hence the 254 days that is sometimes stated.
396yes23.04.2019223DavidArloBelgiumToto (Garcia yacht)39Longue Route 2018-19Crouesty
39723.04.2019265FrancisTolanFranceAlizés II (Océanis 43)43Longue Route 2018-19Bono - Bordeaux
398yes27.04.2019308TonyCurpheyUKNicola Deux32Longue Route 2018-1974yo, record oldest (then Socrate in sept). Emsworth.
39901.05.2019207GillesHuotFrancePeregrina45Longue Route 2018-19Brest
40019.05.2019223AndersErikssonSwedenMalala40Longue Route 2018-19Ljungskile
401yes20.05.2019322TapioLehtinenFinlandAsteria (Gaia 36)36GGR ,
40225.05.2019246ManuWattecampsFranceCéleste (Jaguar 1199)41Longue Route 2018-19Lorient
403yes28.05.2019216JoannaPajkowskaPolandFan Fan40PlymouthSame boat as Rottgering.,
404yes07.09.2019340JeanneSocratesNereida3877yo on arrival. Record oldest.
405yes2019211Jean-LucVan den HeedeMatmut (Rustler 36)36GGR2018110
406yes2019214MarkSlatsNetherlandsThe Ohpen Maverick (Rustler 36)36GGR

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